In this campaign, for the very first time, a public organization in Lithuania has used a Messenger bot

to increase awareness of their brand and services.

Artboard 1.png

The goal was to increase downloads of Europass CV form

which helps young people to make their first CV. The main target group was young students, who were daily spending time waiting for public transport to commute.

frame_default_CV 2.png

We decided to make that waiting time useful.

To attract their attention, there were huge posters with CVs of Lithuanian historical figures. The posters not only had a CV of a historical person written on it but also suggested scanning the messenger code and chat with them. One more pro campaign allowed students to learn new things about Lithuanian history.

Artboard 1 copy.png

What we achieved?

The advertisement reached its main target group — students who are 15-24 years old. 30% of respondents questioned after the campaign said they are using Europass and 71% are familiar with it. The idea seemed interesting, original and exceptional and surely reached its goal.



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