We had the challenge to re-define and introduce Nestle Kaktus Ice-cream,

a seasonably sensitive product, to the teenage audience, living in a country where sunny days come up once in a blue moon.


With the essence of this campaign, we dug deep and tried to find an answer to the question of

how do you appeal to the audience that thinks they’ve seen it all & know it all?

being_ part_mobiles_1920x1200.png

Reach them where they are and offer more!

90% of target audience are smartphone users, using them even at school and always scrolling through Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. So that's where we reached them, using bold Vaporwave style.


But that’s just part of the story. 

Why limit great things happening only online? Let’s bring them to the real life! We collaborated with local fashion influencers and brought everything seen online to the real life. In popular open-air space we organized the Roller skate disco, the Pink event, the Foam disco and more. All events were filmed, photographed and generated content was targeted at people of the segmented age group who were no more than 3 km away from a shop.



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